All day/all evening: installations/ hauntings/ playful investigations in various parts of the pavilion. Radical sandcastles and old school lounging on the beach; swimming, paddle-boarding, bike-boarding and other kinds of aquatic movement in the lake and pool.  Cocktails and snacks in the lake-side restaurant and bar.

09:00-20:00 ELECTRIC FISH underwater installation by Darren Copeland in the swimming pool.

14:00-24:00 TEMPLE TO THE MOON AND THE HUMBER RIVER (COLD BATHING LOUNGE) and TEMPLE TO THE SUN AND THE DON RIVER (HOT BATHING LOUNGE), installations by Christie Pearson, upstairs, at the ends of lakeside balconies. RIVERDRIFT, sound installation for wood, metal and audio playback by Juliet Palmer.

14:00-19:00 SNOW CONE (RASPAO), installation by Alexandra Gelis, in the courtyard.

14:00-24:00 SUNNYSIDE SUNNYSIDE, installation by Margaret Krawecka, in the courtyard.

DJ SETS AND BODIES MOVING in the upstairs dancehall — enter via the splendid staircase at the back of the pavilion!

14:00 M.A.M.A.

15:00  DOS MUNDOS.

15:30  Talk about Sunnyside and the Toronto waterfront in the courtyard by author Jane Fairburn.

16:00  SLOWED DJs featuring TORRO TORRO and LUCIE TIC.

17:00  MAGA BO.

18:15  POIRIER.

19:30  MYSTERIOUS SUNSET EVENT, choreographed by Aimée Dawn Robinson, w. dancers ALLISON PEACOCK, BARBARA LINDENBERG, LO BIL, VICTORIA CHEONG, and DAWNE CARLETON; music composed by Juliet Palmer, performed by BRODIE WEST, NICK FRASER, LINA ALLEMANO, DOUG TIELLI, and ALEX SAMARAS, and fabrics by Melissa Fisher. Drums by Maracatu Mar Aberto.

20:00  DJ/RUPTURE.

20:30: MIRROR NEURON PALACES, video installations by Jim Ruxton, upstairs in the pavilion towers.

21:30  VENUS X.

23:00 FREESTYLE HAPPINESS and respect to the lake


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