A bioA blog.  A recent interview in Bomb.  Mudd Up! radio show on WFMU.   Sufi Plug Ins!


Tumblr page.  New York TimesGuardianSoundcloud mixes and remixes.


Bio. New York Times review.  NPRMixes!


BioSoundcloud mixes! Poirier interviewed by Maga Bo!


Torro Torro’s website. Lucie Tic’s Soundcloud page. Plaid magazine on Lucie Tic. Interview w. Torro Torro in The New Toronto


DJs Linterna (Jose Matamorros) and eLman (Sergio Elmir) are Toronto’s premier tropical bass soundcrew, DOS MUNDOS DJs, specializing in the emerging Nu-Cumbia sounds of Latin America’s underground music scenes. Both DJs met while hosting CIUT 89.5FM’s groundbreaking weekly radio show Dos Mundos, and in the past two years have opened for ZZK records, Uproot Andy, Toy Selectah, Bajofondo Tango Club, Kumbia Queers, Grupo Fantasma and can be found freaking-up Latin styles at Toronto’s only monthly tropical bass party, Funkété. Dos Mundos DJs break down all pre-conceived notions of what Latin music should sound like, and, most importantly, look good doing it!


Dorian and Dorian are tag-team Dj’s from Toronto, and co-hosts of MAMA: an occasional Global Psychedelic Dancehall which landed at Teranga and Double Double Land in Toronto. Marcus and Andrew also throw down.  MAMA crew spins naija, kwaito, dooombia, ghettotech, kuduro, dancehall, mbalax, folkstep, and other vicious unnamable styles. We’re gonna make you sweat.  Soundcloud page!


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